Wireless Internet Access

built by hams and network professionals

About VortexOK.net

The network is built using gear from Ubiquiti Networks, making for a super reliable system.

Our clients range from normal households to hams running their own servers. We also provide connectivity for internet connected amateur radio repeaters, free of charge!

We connect to the internet via ethernet at 100Mbps from Hilliary Communications, LLC.


Coverage is tricky to nail down. If you can see the chapel on Bigrock near Medicine Park, you can probably get service from us. We also have a tower in south east Lawton with great coverage. We can determine whether or not your location is covered and exactly what gear you'll need to buy.

Get Connected

We only accept new clients by word of mouth. If you know someone on the network, ask them how to get in contact with us.

We'll perform a link budget analysis to determine if we can deliver service at your location, exactly what equipment you need to buy and how high up it needs to be mounted. We do not sell the equipment or install it, but we'll suggest vendors we know and trust.

Once you're connected, we'll take over the management of your outdoor equipment and will work with you to deliver the service exactly how you want it.