Wireless Internet Access

built by hams and network professionals

About VortexOK.net

The network is built using gear from Ubiquiti Networks, making for a super reliable system.

Our clients range from normal households to hams running their own servers. We also provide connectivity for internet connected amateur radio repeaters, free of charge!

We connect to the internet via ethernet at 250Mbps from our upstream provider.


Our network is spread over three main areas.

South East Lawton

South of highway 7 in East lawton, roughly between 45th and 90th. We also have some coverage further to the west in south west lawton almost to Sheridan road.

Lake Lawtonka

We cover most of the area including all of the major RV parks and camp grounds. Also, there are many points east of the lake area that are covered.

North of the Wind Farm

Coverage is more sporadic in this area. The areas south of Alden and north of Stumbling Bear Pass are potentially covered and will continue to improve.

Get Connected

Monthly Recurring Charge

$40 per month, per residential installation. We do our best to deliver at least 20Mbps and often times clients see much better than that. If you require a public IP address, there is an additional $10 per month added to you bill.


We charge a one time $150 installation fee, which includes mounting, aligning and testing the outdoor equipment as well as installtion of a managed router that can be used to connect all of your devices via wired ethernet or wifi. If any issues arise with the outdoor equipment or our router, we'll take care of it. If you do not require a router, the installation fee drops to $150, but you will be required to maintain your equipment. Please click here to sign up.

No Fees and No Contract

There are no hidden fees or charges. We charge for connectivity to the internet and that is it. Since there is no contract, you can cancel at any time. Once you're connected, we'll monitor our equipment and do our best to ensure you have reliable service.